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Patagonia Trip Listing
Patagonia Trip Listing
Patagonia Trip Listing
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Patagonia is a distinct geographical region, shared by Argentina & Chile, that lies within the cool temperate zone at the southernmost tip of South America. It encompasses 386,000 square miles or one third of the land area of both countries and has less than 5% of either nation's population.
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Lake District Odyssey
Chile and Argentina’s Lake District is one of the most arrestingly beautiful destinations in the world! Rolling hills and valleys caress the Pacific before soaring inland to snow-glazed volcanos. Quaint farms and villages, whose charming residents are descended from German immigrants, are carved out of dense, temperate rainforest lush with bamboo, rhubarb and fuchsia. Dazzling turquoise lakes embrace tracts of unspoiled forest, rich river estuaries and flower-dotted alpine meadows. All of this is showcased in some of South America’s top national parks. On this first-class vacation, ideal for families, couples and individuals, active days are complimented by comfortable nights at some of the area’s finest hotels and lodges, gourmet meals and gracious local hosts. view details
Length: 11 days / 10 nights
Season: October - April
Rating: Grade I
Land Cost From: from $5,725
Hiking the Patagonian Andes
Southern Argentina and Chile share an immense expanse known as Patagonia — a land where nature rules supreme. Sculpted by massive glaciers, the Andes lying between the countries were transformed into the lofty peaks and granite spires that are among the most arresting mountain destinations on earth. East of the Continental Divide, the landscapes surrounding Los Glaciares Park are barren, desert-like plains. While to the west, the peaks of Torres del Paine are enveloped in dense forests, wildflower-dotted meadows and sparkling lakes. At the southernmost tip of the range where the Andes meet the ocean lies Tierra del Fuego with its alluring vistas of glaciers, sea and jagged summits. In addition to epic scenery and the colorful gaucho culture of local estancias, the region boasts plentiful wildlife — guanaco, ñandú, condor, fox, penguins and dozens of bird species. view details
Length: 15 days / 14 nights
Season: October - March
Rating: Grade III
Land Cost From: from $7,025
Paine Towers Lodge Adventure
Created in 1970 and given World Heritage status in ‘78, Torres del Paine Park — one of the world’s most stunning mountain destinations — boasts dense southern beech forests, rolling meadows swathed in daisies and lupines, multi-hued lakes bobbing with turquoise icebergs and immense glaciers clawing their way down from the only Continental Ice Cap outside of the poles. This wonderful, soul-inspiring wilderness offers what many feel is South America’s best hiking experience. In addition, this relatively un-traveled region supports 105 species of birds including flamingos, swans, upland geese, ibises, Magellanic woodpeckers, penguins and condors as well as unusual flora like the evergreen southern beech and deciduous apple-berry bush. Towering above it all are the awe-inspiring spires whose near-vertical walls are world-renowned. Comparing favorably to Yosemite, Paine should be on every hiker’s list. view details
Length: 10 days / 9 nights
Season: November - March
Rating: Grade III
Land Cost From: from $4,575

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